S(e)oul Stuff

Recently, I came across this poem by Korean-American poet Suji Kwock Kim and it gave me that searing, whispered wow-inducing feeling right in the chest. Upon realizing that my current blog feed — with its new, image-oriented layout — is featuring way too many sandwich pics for my liking, I thought I'd let a little homesickness... Continue Reading →


The New Food Reality

Whenever I tell people that I'm interning at a publication called The New Food Economy, many an assumption tends to be that I'm writing for a foodie magazine. The publication does write about food, but not reviews on the latest half-whack, half-genius pastry concoction whipped up by some food connoisseur based in the bustling city. Leave that... Continue Reading →

On Being Lonely in New York

It's been exactly two weeks since I moved to New York. At this juncture, a quarter of my way through my time in the city, I can't help but feel a little... cold. Literally speaking, the New York heat that people so passionately bewail has yet to arrive—which is good I suppose. But the figurative element... Continue Reading →

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

Truth be told, commuting and living in New York is a really lonely experience. On my daily commute to a tall glass office building smack in the middle of Midtown, I'm constantly surrounded by commuters, cars, and a whole galaxy of lives trying to make it through another day. Yet everybody exists solely in their... Continue Reading →

A Monday Spent Alone

Today is my first day of work. It is 8:09 in the morning and the sky is a cloudless, watery blue— a good sign, I think. In a matter of hours I'll be boarding the train en route to Midtown, Manhattan, where I'll sit in a cozy office writing, creating, doing God-knows-what for the rest... Continue Reading →

Querida Mãe

As I mentioned in my previous post, it's been a year since I left Brazil. People in my life frequently ask in what ways Brazil has remained with me, despite it being a great distance away from where I am now. That's the question I asked myself towards the end of freshman year, as I... Continue Reading →

Greetings from New York!

As I sit here at my desk overlooking a crowded urban cross-section of Brooklyn, I'm simultaneously writing, eating a bowl of yogurt, and thinking about my day. The brilliant thing about New York is that there's so much to do. The terrifying thing about New York is that there's so much to do. I've learned... Continue Reading →


As my freshman year drew to a long-anticipated close, I decided to venture on Student Universe yet again and purchase a flight to Chicago. I've meant to do so for a while. One of my closest high school friends, Medha, lives in Chicago, and so do countless others who were key figures in my life... Continue Reading →

The Power of Representation

The post in my mind concerns an event that happened about half a month ago, but I've been meaning to write about it for a while. April was a tough month — perhaps my toughest ever since I started at Princeton — and although I'd rather not return to most of it, there were some truly special... Continue Reading →

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