Places I’ve Been

‘Journeys are the midwives of thought.’ – The Art of Travel, Alain de Botton

Although many of my cross-continental adventures took place before my mind was even pregnant with the notion of discovering something self-enhancing, I like to think that the places I’ve been and the places I’ve seen have, somehow, shaped who I am.

PLACES I’VE BEEN (as of today):


  • China (Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Guangzhou, Hainan Island, Guilin)
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia (Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur)
  • Thailand (Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui)
  • Japan (Tokyo)
  • South Korea (Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Jeju Island, lots more…)
  • India (New Delhi, Agra)
  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Dubai


  • UK (London, Edinburgh)
  • France (Paris, Annecy, Lyon, Concots, Bordeaux)
  • Turkey (Istanbul)
  • Lithuania (Vilnius, Druskininkai)
  • Spain (Madrid, Salamanca, Barcelona, Sevilla, Ronda, Córdoba, Valencia, Granada, San Sebastián, y más…)
  • Sweden (Stockholm, Örebro)
  • Denmark (Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg)


  • Sydney

North America

  • USA (New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Utah, Colorado, California and more…)

South America

  • Brazil (Chapada region, Salvador)


  • Morocco (Marrakech, Atlas Mountains – we even hiked Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa!)

Places I’ve stopped over in (cheating yes, but they’re still cool!)

  • Finland (on my way to and from Lithuania)
  • Russia (on my way to and from Spain)