WWOOFing in France: Day 8

by kangcuzzi

Currently I am on an organic farm several kilometres away from Cahors, where for the next two weeks I’ll be helping out with gardening, planting, harvesting and the like in exchange for accommodation and food. Here, the air is different, the scene rustic, the people friendlier. The green runs wild, the animals graze, the water flows freely. Upon arrival I went for a quick run on a silent road before joining everyone for a heartwarming, homemade dinner, which was — in a very refreshing way — physically and psychologically fulfilling in equal parts.

Good news is, I’m finally practicing my French. It’s a little rusty as of yet, but in the two weeks to come I hope it’ll improve significantly. The people at the farm have been so patient, and the fellow WWOOFer here (from England) is also learning French, which means there’s definitely a morale boost.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ll be updating my blog everyday — something about this place makes me feel as if computer usage should be the exception, not the norm. For a while I’d like to take some time out, to read, to write, and to focus on being in the present. Every once in a while I’ll return to this space, to share news of particular worth or humour; but in the interim, I’ll say goodbye to the internet for the time being, and come back to it at a more appropriate time… which would most likely be in the wonderful, exuberant land of España.

Until then, it is not a farewell but a au revoir ! As always, ’til the next (and who knows? It might be sooner than I think).