A Medley of Thoughts

by kangcuzzi

Some days come with the want to create, but without the swiftness of mind to do so in the traditional sense. Today I welcome the first day of summer break with a languorous yawn of the mind, my laptop perched on my sister’s desk, pot plants by my side and a sky that seemingly cannot make up its mind. Likewise, I, too, am filled with a medley of thoughts without much of a common thread. Thus in a post slightly different from all the others I’ve made so far on this blog, a list of things that I’m currently contemplating:

  • What is the value in material things? In two days I’ll be moving for the first time in ten years, which means a great deal of things have to be dug up from various crevices in my room. So far I’ve thrown more out than I’ve packed, which makes me wonder: why do we hold onto physical things? Are memories enhanced in the presence of their physical counterparts? Why are we in general so reluctant to let things go, but so eager to welcome new things into our lives? At what point does something assume meaning?
  • What is humour? Why makes something funny — in the case of inside jokes, is it the unspoken knowledge that there is a unique common thread between two people that cannot be echoed by somebody else? In this sense, is humour simply defined by the camaraderie that exists between two people at a given time? How can certain kinds of jokes — such as jokes on class, race, social groups, etc — be simultaneously sensitive and funny? (No particular reason for why I’m wondering this; it’s just been a floating thought over the past week.)
  • When is something a blessing in disguise? In the battle between novelty and stability, the unexpected and the expected, which one wins in giving us most satisfaction, whatever that may be? Is it always relative?

Call these questions odd, pretentious, overly sentimental — what you will. For now I am scatterbrained with no available remedy. So I march on, into the long day ahead, hoping that along the way I’ll salvage a good thought, a little morsel of an epiphany.