A Venerably Vegetable Life: One Year!

Today marks a year since the day I decided to become a pescatarian!

One year later, I’m very glad with my decision to have replaced the animal meat in my diet with lots and lots of plant-based goodness – not only do I feel more energetic and conscious of who and what I am in context with the world, I’ve also learnt so much about food in general, how to appreciate its possibilities and play around with what mother nature has to offer. I’ve learnt that overcoming distastes for certain food is a new adventure (I now enjoy eating avocados, tomatoes and eggplants despite my previous, utter dislike for them), I’ve learnt how to really think about how I treat myself and, above all, I’ve learnt what it really means to live a quasi-vegetarian lifestyle and what kinds of queries and attitudes vegetarians often face. For that reason I believe I’ve become more open-minded somewhat, now that I understand what a large portion of the world live with day by day and how they fit themselves into the puzzle of the human jungle.

Now that today marks the start of any year of venerable vegetable-y goodness, I’m definitely going to enter whatever I have up ahead with happiness, energy and gusto. This time, I might try to reduce my fish consumption (seeing what kinds of turmoil fish face too, alongside conventional farm animals), but that’s a bit of a toss-up seeing how cultural – and parental – factors play in. But one thing’s for sure: I’ll definitely continue being as conscious as I possibly can. 🙂

Let’s do this!


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