Summer in Spain: Toledo/La Mancha/Córdoba

by kangcuzzi

We started off the day in downtown Toledo, where the rooms smelt of flowers and musky candles; it was one of those places that inspire you to open such an institution one day, if time and resources collide in a perfect constellation and give you infinite choices as to what you want to do in life.

Riding along in the car, we then took a little ride around Toledo, its main town and the peripheral areas. At certain vantage points above the enclosed town you could clearly see the collective yellow of the houses, in all shades of mustard and brick topped with a hazy, sun-like feel. The tall cathedral spires that reached out amidst the continuity were like the guardians of Toledo… it was a truly magnificent sight. Living in a place such as Hong Kong, where everything is perpetually moving and the tide forces you to psychologically and physically follow along, being in a place where you have no obligation to follow anything but the dispersed calls of Mother Nature is a treasure. I wished, in that one moment on the bridge, that I could capture that moment in a single bottle I could relapse into whenever times in my cramped little room on the 26th floor would get too claustrophobic for my liking. To feel the breeze against my face, smell the trees, the air…

Afterwards, we walked the streets of Toledo for a little while, admiring everything the streets had to offer. Toledo was like a personified celebration: streamers and flowers were hung all about the streets, and the statues from Don Quixote scattered around the area added a touch of romance to the air! We passed by a fruteria (fruit store) to get some peaches and nectarines, fruits that are absolutely heavenly in Spain, and we also stopped by a bakery to try some pastries made from almendras (almonds) and sugar. Alas, unfortunately when we went to a Burger King to use the bathroom, we accidentally left our paper bag of biscuits by the sink. A complete shame because the morsels I had tried of the cookies were mouth-wateringly thick and delicious… but I guess there’s always another time!

We then headed along the road to La Mancha; in particular, a place home to ten beautiful windmills sitting romantically across an equally romantic looking hill. In a moment of quixotic wanderlust my dad tried to navigate his way up the seemingly impenetrable peak… and we actually did find a way! There was a lot of frolicking around beside the windmills, inevitable ‘jump shots’ and lots and lots of gaping at how big the windmills were, and how quiet, empty and tranquil the surroundings are in that region. A definite getaway I would recommend anytime.

My parents and I then drove along to Córdoba, where we took a nice evening stroll around the old town and the bridge. Córdoba is one of those places that have a humble beauty to it; as you walk through its cobblestoned streets, you don’t hear the beauty beckoning but instead can feel it emanating from the architecture, the peace, the tan color scheme… suffice to say, I had already fallen in love.