The ‘Rye’ght Crunch (Sandwich #1)

by kangcuzzi

The idea for this sandwich – which I decided to name, as the title suggests, ‘The Ryeght Crunch’ – was totally capricious. It really and truly came out the blue. I was about to make my staple peanut butter ham and jam sandwich for dinner when I realized, with horror, that the ham had run out! And to think that this would happen, after I literally planned out my dinner for the entire day in the hopes of getting a perfect snapshot for the blog!

Anyhow, it was time to get creative. You see, I’m a bit of a PB&J freak – it is my absolute favorite. The perfect blend of two kinds of sweet: one cool, the other rich and thick… ah, anything vaguely peanut butter and jelly related is instantly a keeper in my books. 

So I started off by creating a simple PB&J…

…and it was then something caught my eye.

A packet of rye crispbread, right on top of the fridge! I had gotten it earlier with my sister, when we went on our little grocery shopping trip together. I thought the crispbread would – surprise, surprise – provide a crispy texture to the sandwich, and so I crumbled some of it and put it over the peanut butter. And then, in a moment of pure whimsicality, I thought of cinnamon – and thought: why not? So I also added a drizzle of powdered cinnamon on top of the rye/peanut butter concoction, to create something that looked a lot like this:


Yum. The sandwich was now perfect to eat. 

And guess what? It was awesome. It tasted SO good, and the crispy rye was the perfect touch. The cinnamon added little pockets of tangy spice that, along with the thickness of the peanut butter and the wonderful sweetness of the jam, went along so well with the smorgasbord palette of my sandwich. It truly was a fantastic gastronomical experience and I recommend it 150%. I don’t know what the general public will think of The Ryeght Crunch, but I don’t think it’s even all that weird! Not as strange as my PBJ(H) sandwich, that I know. 


Without further ado… the components of The Ryeght Crunch!

So why not? Give it a try! I’m sure you won’t regret it, and besides, there are only more eccentric sandwich combinations to come! And besides, I’m sure that at the ryeght time, you’ll only end up realizing I was ryeght all along… 😉