A Sandwich Series?!

by kangcuzzi

Recently I’ve become slightly infamous for my allegedly ‘disgusting’ sandwich combinations I tend to make at home – but then again, I’ve only received biased reviews. (Wait, aren’t all reviews biased? Oh well.) Like a peanut butter, jam and ham sandwich for example. But I can’t get over my sandwiches… I don’t know what it is, mixing flavors and textures and having so much fun with discovering new tastes has become an obsession of mine! So I was thinking, why don’t I start an eccentric sandwich series on my blog? Not only will it jive things up, it’ll also provide me with an opportunity to explore my more creative side… so here we go, let’s do this thing! Sandwiches, here I come! In my next few posts I’ll strive to share some of my combinations, so hang around for a bit and I promise you an interesting experience. 🙂