Two Months Later…

by kangcuzzi

A belated post – if not one by two whole months – is always a good post. Somewhat rushed, somewhat hectic but still, good. Because there’s always so much content, so much juice, that somehow, somewhere, sometime, all these little snippets of things are interlaced together to create a wonderful WordPress entry that never fails to amuse. I hope.

So first thing’s first: just like the professionals do it, I’d like to make a quick correction regarding my previous post. In my previous entry, I talked about how Hong Kong’s 2013 pageant was deeply flawed in the way it treated its women. Well, it turns out that the true culprit in the case was not in fact the pageant itself, but the medium of media that presented such an event: in this situation, a large newspaper company read by thousands of Hong Kongers daily. At the time when I wrote the entry, I was deeply appalled by how this newspaper presented the girls and how such ‘journalism’ could be deemed as appropriate, not necessarily by the pageant and its ‘goals’ itself. So there you have it, my correction. I was actually pondering over this situation over a while – to edit or not to edit? In the end, I decided to keep my post ‘Utterly Disgusting’ as it was, because a) editing it would almost be like cheating myself, trying to trick myself into believing I wasn’t being, well, ignorant when I wrote the post (almost like self-censorship!) and b) it’s a nice learning curve for anyone to pick up and learn from: always do your research in order to avoid misunderstandings! As the saying goes, you learn from your mistakes; ah, is there a better time for such a maxim?

Now, let’s move on to the lighter side of things. Firstly, guess what? After my confessions on my post ‘The Exhilarating Extent of Exteriority’, I finally found the courage and time to cut off my hair! A good 10+ inches of my hair have been cut off and happen to be sitting in a plastic bag right beside me right this very moment, ready to be sent off to Locks of Love. Here’s some photographic evidence, because who doesn’t love photographic evidence?


Isn’t it strange? To see the hair I’ve had for so long held in my palm, bundled up yet unattached to anything that I can call a physical part of me… the sensation is so strange, and yet I still love the fact that I’ve been able to do this. Not only have I decided to take the initiative, reaching beyond what I initially feared and ‘salvaging’ myself (I guess you can say) in a somewhat spiritual sense, I’ve also done something that has the ability to bring a smile onto someone’s face. Imagine someone wearing a wig made with this very hair, and the confidence it will give them! No doubt they’ll be beautiful just the way they are; but with a smile like the ones I see plastered across the faces of the recipients on the website… wow, just one, big, incredible, wow.

Although there has been some word going around about how Locks of Love is not credible, I still decided to donate my hair to this specific organization because of an experience I had this summer. For five weeks I was at Phillips Exeter Academy’s summer session, in which I met one of the most brilliant, beautiful and funniest girls in the world; thankfully, I had the wondrous fortune of becoming her roommate for the entire duration of the program. She was so brave: although her sister passed away from leukemia when she was younger, I noticed she did so many things in her memory and always, always talked about her with the sweetest, warmest smile on her face. Her sister had received wigs from Locks of Love; my roomie told me all about her favorite ones, and from that moment onward I knew that if at least one angel was able to receive the happiness like my roommate’s sister did, then I would do it. I would do it, I would do it, I would do it. And so I did it.

I feel as if this post truly encompasses my contentment with the evening (and the shortness of my hair), and therefore I will try and defeat my jetlag by going to sleep earlier than I did last night. So with all due respect, adios, I hope my post has inspired you and that you will get a good night’s – or day’s – rest. Until next time! And yes, I promise that ‘next time’ won’t be in two whole months!