Utterly Disgusting.

by kangcuzzi

So it turns out Hong Kong is currently hosting its Miss Hong Kong pageant for this year, and from what I’ve tasted of it so far, I am utterly and totally reviled about how they’re ‘branding’ their girls. I’m usually not one for opinionated, infuriated rants but honestly, this does not deserve anything but. First, they had the audacity to collectively refer to all these wonderful, special individuals as ‘not too shabby’. What?! Like they’re some items stockpiled on some random shelf that people with nothing better to do could look upon and comment ‘hmm. Not too shabby’? Disgusting. 

And then how they’ve defined their selection process as, I KID YOU NOT, spotting ‘a few beauties from the beasts’. No one deserves to be called a ‘beast’ simply because of their physical appearance. As far as I know, the individual who thinks they’re cool enough to believe they have the inherent right to call others ‘beasts’ is the beast themselves. How selfish, rude and unthoughtful of those who perhaps did not make it through, and a violation to women all over the world. Are we all ‘beasts’ just waiting to be picked out as ‘beauties’? No. As far as I know, we’re all beauties, and no pageant will ever change that. 

I’m not saying I’m against pageants 100%. I think pageants can be a great opportunity to bring individuals to the public light, allowing them to make a difference to the world in a way that would have been difficult otherwise. But when pageants start to turn ugly, when they start to call those who didn’t get through ‘beasts’ and define their beauties as ‘not too shabby’? Get real, Miss. Hong Kong 2013 – please do change your ways, and change them fast.