Slipping past the 6%

by kangcuzzi

So I have 6% battery on my laptop at the moment, which is roughly equivalent to 13 minutes of good ol’ – albeit rushed – writing time. Like everything in life, it’s time to find a way past restrictions and share something I’ll never regret – so here I go.

One thing I’ve discovered over my Easter break is how versatile a rice cooker can be. After years of scrutiny (and yes, some banter-riddled ostracizing on behalf of my wondrous friends) without an oven, I have experienced several years’ worth of envy whenever a friend brought some cream-laden cake to school for someone’s birthday/last day celebration/a showcasing of their (enviable) baking talent. Alas, woe was me. More than anything I wanted to be the one with the cake. I wanted to be the one who cooked the best brownies, the ones with the most awesome baking sleepovers. I even read recipes sometimes and lamented over the absence of such a commonly utilized cooking device. Although ovens are, in retrospect, the largest privilege one can have, I felt as if I was missing out on a big part of a somewhat Western-infused life what with my attendance at an international school and all.

One thing I did have, however, was a rice cooker. For fourteen years have I (or, my mother) owned a rice cooker, ladling steaming bowls of carbohydrates upon the same dining table for countless, wondrous, inexplicably Asian meals. It was great, but for a long time a rice cooker could never amount to a much yearned for oven.

Until the Easter break that is, when one night I dizzily (with a touch of late night sentiments, confusion and bore) came across a beautiful website detailing 21 things I could cook with a rice cooker. And lo behold, there were recipes for cakes – beautiful looking, saliva inducing cakes – cakes I could make NOT with an oven but with A RICE COOKER!

And so the day after, I embarked on an experiment that I will never forget. In two days alone I learnt more cooking jargon than I had in fourteen years, for once even caring about the difference between a zucchini and a cucumber as well as between baking powder and its sodium bicarbonate counterpart. I also learnt how to cut an avocado (painful), how to slice apples (embarrassing yet mastered at last), and last but not least how to measure things out with pure ingenuity as opposed to actual baking paraphernalia. After countless videos, websites and scourging, I finally ended up creating two – however debatable the following term may be – beautiful cakes, both of which I enjoyed eating profusely. For your viewing pleasure, here are some photographs I would like to showcase:

Just like having 6% left on your computer, cooking may be one of those things that totally loses you but you’ve always got to remember – there’s always a way around. Like using a rice cooker in place of an oven, ‘skirting the mainstream’ can be as simple as that. And for the life of my computer remains at a meagre three minutes, I shall now sprint for the imminent charging session that is about to commence. Until I return with more scrumptious news, I bid you the best of luck with your (hopefully) stimulated baking curiosity.