Rushing past the 31%

by kangcuzzi

1:14 until full – hear, hear!

I’ve just had a slight brainwave resultant from my recent visit to, perhaps one of my favorite (yet brain frying) websites of all time. For those of you who may not be aware, TED is basically an organization that runs on the mantra ‘Ideas worth spreading’. Individuals from all around the globe participate in this celebration of sorts, sharing scientific/mathematical/logical discoveries as well as some artistic/musical ideas. My favorite ones are the ones that explore more heartwarming, down-to-earth topics, such as a recent one I watched of a women named Alanna Shaikh and her preparation for Alzheimer’s disease

My school held a TEDx event a while back (didn’t post about that yet… sorry!) and I was a participating speaker. Here’s me during the event:


Anyhoo, I was going through TED today when I came across a really nice video about the ubiquitous error page ‘404’. When I, myself, came across one of these sites, I never gave it much thought – to me it was another mishap in the seemingly invincible net of the online universe. 

What the video explores is what the 404 is and how different people grasp the opportunity of the 404 to create possibilities. As the speaker, Renny Gleeson, says at the end: ‘A simple mistake can tell me what you’re not, or can remind me of why I should love you.’ Coming across a 404 page may be a little slip through the net, but it’s not always a negative experience. Sometimes, it reminds us that the most commonplace, most negatively perceived things can also bring about new possibilities – new beauty – if only we look at it in a new light. Like 404 pages, for example. 

404 pages have been used as a means for sharing happiness, or even doing good for the world – for example, in Europe, there’s an ongoing online effort named ‘Not Found‘ that strives to bring missing children back home. And how do they do this? By placing notices on 404 pages with the names and final whereabouts of these very people. 

Isn’t that amazing? How the most looked-by thing can be the most sought after. How these children – who are, as of yet, as ‘unfound’ as these 404 pages – are given a ray of hope thanks to utilizing even the tiniest amount of cyberspace. The wonders the internet can bring, if used properly. 

Although there may be restrictions in life, we can always find our way past obstacles. Sound familiar? My previous post revolves around this topic too. 

So next time you want to embark on something – but don’t know how to – look for something that already exists, but you tend to look over. Sometimes, it may provide the most beautiful of beauties and the most wondrous of wonders – all you have to do is try.