How a Taxi Changes Everything

by kangcuzzi

Two years ago I happened to be riding a bus when I spotted the most extraordinary thing outside my window. What was it?

A taxi with the license plate TAXI.

Initially I was so fascinated I couldn’t get over it for an entire day. Being the overly-excited person I am I even snapped a shot of it on my phone (before the traffic lights changed, of course), and to this day – despite the fact I have actually changed my phone – I still have the exact image saved onto my trustworthy Finnish friend (i.e. Nokia).

After a random burst of eccentric license plate numbers in Hong Kong, I have always referred to this taxi TAXI in every single conversation I have had on the topic. When I saw a completely black car, with the license plate PEPPER, filled with two black Schnauzers and people clad in black? ‘Once I saw this car…’ The examples are endless.

So why am I bringing this up, you ask?

Nowadays I’ve been thinking a lot about the notion of observing or seeing someone or something at one point in your life, then never noticing, when and if you encounter this thing or person again sometime in the future, you had actually seen this person/object before. So one day you might stroll past a random woman in a museum and hey! She just might be the woman who had been sitting behind the ride-controller at some random amusement park you happened to be at for your last birthday. But of course, you would never know you had seen her before. You  may not even observe her. But the simple fact that you are in the presence of someone you may potentially have known, someone who has probably seen you before, someone you have probably, unconsciously, thought about, is absolutely fascinating. It all ties back in with what we like a call a ‘small world’. So maybe at one point in your life when you happen to be standing in a marketplace you may have actually met all the people present with you  before the current moment within which you exist. Which is utterly intriguing because it just goes to show someone whose face you don’t even remember can change the course of your life, sometimes even multiple times.

Today I had an absolutely horrible day. Maths test, science test, DT then a new history teacher who somehow really bothered me… life just sucked. After waiting for the bus to come for 25 minutes at 6.05 with the constant knowledge I had an appointment at 6.30 was hell for me, too. Luckily I was with a friend. Otherwise I might as well have walked, I don’t know, whatever distance Google Maps would have enlightened me with if it weren’t lagging right now. I was that desperate.

It was then I decided to take a taxi (d’oh) back home, not only because it’d be quicker but also because riding the ultra-belated bus was something worth boycotting. My friend and I walked down to a spot where it was easier to catch cabs; it was there I flagged a taxi.


That moment was absolutely the most absurd moment in my life. Here, the taxi I had so admired for the past two years on the screen of a freaking phone, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES? AND NOW I WAS GOING TO TAKE IT? WHAT WAS THIS SORCERY?

It was a magical moment, it truly was. Lo and behold – one nice thing I gained out of the day was the knowledge that the driver of the TAXI taxi is extremely nice.

But reflecting upon it now I realize there was so much more behind the incident. It once again brought to mind the notion of a ‘small world’, how everything is interconnected and how things that may otherwise seem trivial in YOUR life can actually impact you in ways you had never imagined. How sometimes you run into things you have run into before but never noticed. How sometimes opportunity passes you by like that man running past you to catch his train.

The world truly is small, and to us it’s a blessing. Because we will, most probably, meet those we have passed by once again sometime in our lives, it’s worth making the effort to be remembered – so the next time you happen to ride some mode of public transport or find yourself in a marketplace, why don’t you give your future life-changers a smile?

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.53.19 PM

Found this photo online. May or may not be the same cab – it’s a small world after all.